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Maintenance Painting

Melbourne Office Painters maintenance painting service saves you money in the long run by maintaining your asset.  A quality paint job not only protects your asset, it makes it look good too. How your office looks is part of your brand and business image. What does your office paint work look like now?

The weather in Melbourne can be really tough on paint work - regular maintenance painting can combat these harsh environmental effects. 

Melbourne Office Painters provide regular maintenance painting or one-off maintenance painting for both interiors and exteriors.

We can correct and repair:

  • uneven patches and uneven paintwork
  • water damaged paint work
  • sun damaged paint work
  • peeling paint
  • high traffic areas
  • cracks in walls and paintwork
  • tired and dated paintwork

Melbourne Office Painters can do minor touch-up paint jobs, through to full colour changes prior to new tennants moving in.

Areas that may require frequent maintenance painting include:

  • reception areas
  • high traffic corridors
  • doors and door frames

Melbourne Office Painters can arrange either a one-off maintenance painting service or schedule a regular maintenance painting service to suit your specific requirements and budget.

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